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Room-specific Installation, 2016
1 Jalousie, Video-Projection

Random algorithm manipulate the movement of an electric blinder. A video which shows that blinder filmed from the front, is projected on the opposite white wall. The blinder in this 15-minute-loop meets his authentic self, that generates new forms of movement permanently and therefore creates an endless dialogue.
This work won the 1st prize of fine arts of the university of arts Bremen. The jury were three external curators and scientists of popular museums of the region: Janneke de Vries (GAK Bremen), Eva Fischer-Hausdorf (Kunsthalle Bremen) und Dr. Annett Reckert (Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Haus Coburg). The eulogy of the jury was the following:
„The jury were very convinced by his work „Mimikry“, that offers a surprisingly new enactment of the room to the viewer. The view is guided up, away from the classical view, where – appropriate to the title – the window in the movie seems to mime the real window. The Up and Down of the blinders finds his answer in the movie. Together with the sound Zerbst aims a convincing, irritating impact. He reflects the ratio of inside and outside, as Topics of Reality, depiction and deception in doubling of reality. Art becomes a trap for sight.“



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