By Monday February 20th, 2017Exhibtions
10. – 16. January 2017
Hanoi, VN


‚Misunderstandings’ was an solo exhibition that reflected critically about how a producer of cultural contributions that claim to be relevant is able to work in a foreign culture. Lukas Zerbst made his situation his subject and divested it in four works.


Among the sound-wise most opulent installation „Ghostriders“, the movie „Speech Bubble“, the Video-Loop „Towards New Adventures“, as well as a documentation of his site-specific installation „Selfie“ were exhibited.
With this solo exhibition Lukas finished his stay in Vietnam in January 2017, where he lived and worked for five months.
Lukas likes to say Thank you to Claire Discoll and Doriab Gibb for the art space, as well as Fabiola Büchele for a good cooperation and interesting chats. Furthermore a special Thank you is dedicated to Bui Kim Dinh for her outstanding support.








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