A man (Michael Pundt) is chained to a bench, when the camera infiltrates his world. While both attempt to get closer together, a third person appears (Tim Gerhards) and tries to steal the man’s last belonging: A grey metal box.

The presence of the camera plays a substantial role in »Camera Ignota«. The films deals with an autonomous identity of a man, who is distorted by two foreign bodies. Yet both of them are directly connected to the man, who does only appear because of his imaging through the camera. Both foreign figures (the camera and the sneaking person) picture the panoply of consciousness of the protagonist metaphorically: The sensual insight is confronted with a physical reaction. The perception of oneself as an ecstasis, as euphoria encounters a psychosomatic experience.

‚Camera Ignota‘ was shot during an multiple hour improvisation, where all scenes emerged from the dynamic play between the three participants. The montage interferes in the causality of coherences and underlines the psychological inner life of the confused and overchallenged protagonist.

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