Created for the solo exhibition »LEAKS« in Kloster Bentlage in Rheine, DE this light installation consists of three motorized theater spotlights that are positioned in three individual windows to shine towards the patio of the former monastery. The movement and light intensity are generated by random algorithms.

In »Rear Windows« silhouettes of the window frames behind which the spotlights move are projected inside the inner court – Similar to a giant Laterna Magica. From there, viewers are confronted with the sneaky investigation of the yard by the light. Viewers become protagonists involuntarily by being put in the spotlight – Are the lamps therefore rather a threat? Like search lights of a surveillance system?

However, the light in »Rear Windows« is an expression of being observed, which emanates in the window itself. The windows are the origin of the idea of being observed, a condition of the possibility of being observed. The reference to Hitchcocks movie raises motifs of suspense or might be reminiscent of the film’s Sujet: Are viewers the ones obeserving or the ones who are obeserved? What stories come up about ourselves in this short involuntarily act in the spotlight, our short solo moment in the theater of the world?