‚Irrmitation‘ was a corporation between the dancer and choreographer Adrian Castello and Lukas Zerbst. An solo exhibition with Lukas’ works and a performance by Adrian Castello were presented in the scope of ‚Sommerblut Festival 2017‘ at ‚tanzfaktur‘ in Cologne.

The four works Lukas exposed were duly appropriated. As a conversion space the old car facility in which ‚tanzfaktur‘ is located is in a constant flux: Improvised sitting accommodations, unplastered drywall installations, floor painting as witnesses of the former usage, only a few electricity plugs yet a lot of extension cords characterize the space. The construction site is made a stylish interior.

This was the foundation of the presentation concept of Lukas’ four works: Instead of being put on big black plinths ‚Let Go‘ was presented on stacked europallets, which were used as seats in ‚tanzfaktur‘ anyway. A crack in the concrete floor provided a spot for the work ‚Verschleißerscheinung‘. ‚Chairway to Heaven‘ was installed on the big theater stage with seats from the audience area. Finally, using remains of the renovation Lukas constructed a new room around a neon lamp at the Foyer of ‚tanzfaktur‘ to set up an adaption of his work ‚Mimikry‘. That way all of the four works were integrated formally and substantially to the new context.