Being interested in the position of cultural strangers in Vietnam, Lukas very gladly agreed to show an solo exhibition at ‚workroomfour‘, an art space in Hanoi that is run privately by British Expats, in January 2017.

While sharing the position as an Expat with the owners, Lukas planned to critically reflect about this topic and admired their braveness to invite him to do this show nevertheless, since dealing with this topic might mean to provide attack potential for both of them — Inevitably the art space would get in focus of criticism as well. Lukas proclaimed that an integrative community between Expats and Vietnamese people cannot exist when it’s based on interest – A misunderstanding and bonding at the same time.

Inspired by the motif of aggressive and chaotic traffic of Hanoi, that is often romanticized by Western artists, Lukas exhibited a dystopian picture with his work ‚Ghostriders‘; Two partly dismantled motorbikes face each other. Their hectic honking and the aggressive pulling of the ignition remain a failing attempted rapprochement.

Amongst three more works was the linear film ‚Speech Bubble‘, featuring a professional carrier from the streets, who transports a giant red ball to the exhibition space. The movie touches on topoics of exploitation, the superior or inferior relation between Western artists and local worker. It forces the viewers to position themselves towards the topic.