A structure below the ceiling of which the square shaped mineral fiberboards have been removed is being enhanced with equivalent aluminium bars: The grid is being distorted and tilted towards the floor, like it would melt away.

Structures like these usually serve the purpose of hiding the infrastructure of a room. This subarea that keeps electrical wiring, ducts for air conditioning and the fire distinguishers, characteristically is positioned above the presentation space for art. The manipulation of the framework which describes a borderline between both of the spaces, merges the off space with the art space.

The space asks a critical question to itself: Is the shift of that borderline creating a new artwork? Or does this intervention subtract a volume from the art space, that becomes an off area then?

Due to the distortion of the frame, the neon lamps are hanging askew in space. Additionally a micro controller switches the lamps randomly.

»Offspace« was created within the frame of an exhibition at Nhà Sàn Collective in Hanoi, VN — One of the most important cultural offspaces in Vietnam, who asks relevant questions about politics and society by the artworks and exhibitions they create.