One of the ceiling elements inside the exhibition space was recreated and mounted approximately 25 cm underneath the original ceiling. Within this 7,5m x 3,5m area servo motors move wooden laths randomly up and down.

The dancing laths are are reminiscent of the movement of black keys of a piano. Analogical to this, »Piano Solo« was exhibited as site-specific installation in the music department of the University of the Arts Bremen, where almost at every wall a musical rehearsal can be eavesdropped on.

The work exposes the spacial border between two rooms itself as a musical instrument. Yet not the play can be heard, but the painful croaking of the servomotors at their challenging work to provide movement to the ceiling.

The optically identival ceiling becomes part of the room. All the more the impression of permeability is emphasized, albeit it is an room divider of massive nature.

»Piano Solo« talks about something invisible beyond the space, while it makes itself noticeable as a difference. An exaggeration of sonic waves being transmitted through the walls; Sonic waves that hushed due to their disposition.