A variation of „Verschleißerscheinung“.

A jackhammer by BOSCH, that is stuck in the top of a pedestal. Traces and particles bespeak a violent penetration has taken place.

In seemingly random intervals the jackhammer continues it’s hammering. An electric socket is mounted in the lower part of the pedestal, in which the tool is plugged into.

Alleging that a pedestal is a common presentation format for art, SCHRÖDINGERS CHISEL agrees to this claim inconsistently. With martial persistence the jackhammer jabs into the object, that rises it to art.

Furthermore, the act itself is considered here as piece of art, that perpetually destroys itself.

The tile refers to the work of Erwin Schrödinger, who with his most famous thought experiment, tried to bring mechanisms of quantum physics to the scope of rules and laws of classic physics. The jackhammer in superposition between extolled ready-made and simple tool.