Room installation in one of the drawing studios of Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi. A re-enactment of the very popular nude drawing.

Four our of the overall nine ceiling-fans are extended to a height of 1,50m – 1,80m above the floor.

The blades touch paper that is fixed to scaffolds lightly, draw horizontal lines or hit it.
The scaffolds are aligned to the center of the room, where Lukas positioned himself as a nude model.

According to a traditional self portrait Lukas creates an image of himself by the use of his own individual style. Since the classic handling with this format is not easily adaptable to the format of site-specific installations, he uses the surrounding of a nude drawing studio to stage himself as a model. Lukas positions himself as a sculptural object, while the room is attributed with the potential to create his image on paper. The installation and the failing attempt ironically assert this as a self portrait. Therefore the title as a modern terminus of „self portrait“.

Simultaneously he thematizes the general censorship of nudity in the field of arts in Vietnam, which paradoxically is a strict routine at Arts Universities.