Leaned loosely on a wall of the gallery the jackhammers chisel is put into a crack in the floor. It hammers irregularly on the concrete, creating a noisy soundscape as well as a vibrating floor. Thereby no movement is visible from the jackhammer.

As a gesture »Verschleißerscheinung« puts the exhibition space and the artwork into a relationship. The palpable, yet not visible, damaging of the room is an attack on the base that enables this work: Visibility is created through the friction between space and object.

The title »Verschleißerscheinung« (engl. »sign of wear«) unifies the idea of ‘becoming visible’ through coincidental decay. 

Created together with Nora Olearius.

Exposed for the first time at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst GAK in Bremen.

The calculations of Nora Olearius on a wall nearby show the lifespan of the chisel when it is used consistently (23.28 years).