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Installation, 2016
Ceiling-fans, staffolds, paper, act model

Site-specific installation in a working space for drawing at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi. A re-enactment of the there very popular nude drawing.


Four of the overall nine ceiling-fans are being set to a height of 1,50m – 1,80m over the ground using metal pipes. In front of each of these manipulated fans is a staffold being placed, that has a blank piece of drawing paper on itself. The Machines touch the papers gently while rotating, drawing horizontal lines or hitting it occasionally – Four fans draw an act.


The competence of movement is allowing the machines only to draw stripes on the paper. The mechanical movement faces an organic ambient noise, in which rhythms meet and lose each other.
The room is attributed with the potential to draw an image of the artist. The installation itself and the trial already allege to be a depiction of the artist.



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