Lukas Zerbst was born in Poland, got migrated to Germany by his parents, lives towhere today and works everywhere; He overcomes borders with his engagement in transcultural projects with Vietnam, Lithuania or Florida.

In his site-specific installations he uses on-spot material, intervenes in space, enhances it with mechanical or electrical components and video. The interest in an intermediate encounter between viewer and art work brought him to work with performance art at first — Today he finds this moment in his work with space.

Lukas sees space and it’s inner elements as living subjects with an urge to encounter it’s visitors. The breakup of the constant of physical space results in a performance of the objects. Beyond an irritation or the spectacular those manipulated objects of purpose represent human desire. Our surrounding consists of this expressive material: On one hand following a concrete purpose, on the other hand representing human habit.

The trial to free space or elements of the space from this transposition results in an autonomy of the objects. As a gesture it simultaneously stands in the sign of technoid society. Our artificial surrounding becomes a protagonist. In that sense Lukas’ work maybe is a hyperbole of a succeeded or failed internet of things; Smart home as housing bliss or poltergeist.

With such a archaeological view on the present he attends cross cultural projects with artists from abroad. In a variety of exhibitions and theater pieces he understood art as a neutral zone, that has the ability to provide democratic results. As an intersection of contrary interests, a segment of a cosmopolitan entity. A longer stay in Vietnam had a big influence on Lukas.

Hence he raises questions to the global art market: What language does art speak and who understands it? How ephemeral is it in the curse of our hyperproducing global society? How much of a reaction is it to the circumstances in which it is created? Or is it ignorant enough to pretermit it?

Solo Exhibitions
  • Awardee exhibition of GWK advancement award / Kloster Bentlage, Rheine
  • Irrmitation / tanzfaktur, Köln, DE
  • Misunderstandings / workroomfour, Hanoi, VN
Selected Group Exhibitions
  • ArtePrize 2018 / Delfina Foundation, London, ENG
  • Abwesenheit / Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen, DE
  • Exzess / Galerie K‘, Bremen, DE
  • European Media Arts Festival (EMAF) / Osnabrück, DE
  • FrühjahrsSalon / Hawerkamp31, Münster, DE
  • قيرطلا ع . AUF DEM WEG. EN CHEMIN / Ramallah, PSE
  • 88. Herbstausstellung / Kunstverein Hannover, DE
  • Behind Closed Doors / Kaunas Artist House, Kaunas, LT
  • Offspaces / Nhà Sàn Collective, Hanoi, VN
  • Flatlands / GAK, Bremen, DE
  • Zeitfenster / Altes Bankgebäude, Bremen, DE
  • Klasse! / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
Awards & Nominations
  • Nominiert für ArtePrize 2017/18 in der Delfina Foundation in London, GB
  • 1. Preis der Freien Kunst an der HfK Bremen für die Arbeit Mimikry
  • Juror des 25. Videokunstpreises, Filmbüro Bremen
Selected Film Screenings
  • Frühjahrssalon / Hawerkamp31, Münster, DE
  • Made in Vietnam / Cinema am Ostertor Bremen, DE
  • Camera Ignota / Schwankhalle Bremen, DE
  • Docfest / Goethe Institut Hanoi, VN
  • Enlight my Space / Kunsthalle Bremen, DE
  • Void / Ramallah, PSE
  • Elektraktion / Holzwerk, Bremen, DE
  • A Group of People / IN:ACT Festival, Hanoi, VN
  • Selfie / University of Fine Arts, Hanoi, VN
  • Per Zerbst / GAK, Bremen, DE
  • Love is a Muscle / Theater Bremen, DE
  • Wisdom Tease / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
  • Wisdom Tease / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
  • Antenndenzen / Schwankhalle, Bremen, DE
  • Where is the Light? / HfK Bremen, DE
  • Warten auf den Regen / Various Plays in DE
  • In Verso / Galerie Flut, Bremen, DE
Featured in Theater Pieces
  • Life is Pain / Hildesheim, DE (by pure comedy)
  • счастье / Laimė \ Glück / Kaunas, LT (von bodytalk & AURA)
  • Facebook-AGB – The Musical / Bremen, DE
  • Still Out There / by Kainkollektiv, Bremen, DE (von kainkollektiv)
  • AtomHeartMother / Leipzig, DE (von bodytalk)
  • America’s Next President / Miami, FL (von Octavio Campos)
  • Tanzsylvanien / Berlin, DE (von Sylvana Seddig)
  • Liliom / Bremen DE
  • Angulus Durus / Bremen, DE
  • Broadcasting Eriwan / Bremen, DE
  • Ossimisten Wessimisten / Torgau, DE (von bodytalk)
  • Ich bin ein Antifant, Madame / Bremen, DE (von bodytalk)