Lukas Zerbst was born in Bydgoszcz (PL) and lives in Bremen for nine years. He studied at the University of the Arts since 2010 starting with “Digital Media” and changed to Fine Arts in 2012, to the time based media class of Jean-François Guiton. He finished his Diploma in 2017 and graduated in 2019 as Masterclass Student of Jenny Kropp (FORT) and Jean-François Guiton.

He was engaged and featured in a variety of theater pieces as stage designer, musician and actor since 2012 and showed guest plays at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, the Fillmore Theater in Miami, FL or the AURA International Dance Festival in Kaunas, LT.

Due to his proximity to theater he started with performance formats at first and developed this to site-Specific installations in the course of a few years, which he was fortunate enough to expose in various occasions, domestic and abroad. Those were exhibitions in Hanoi, London, Kaunas, sowie in Hannover und Köln.

Last year, Zerbst was awarded the Prize of Kunstverein Hannover and is currently provided a studio scholarship “Villa Minimo” for one year. Furthermore he got awarded the GWK Advancement Award 2018, recently the Bremer Advancement Award for Fine Art, as well as the Prize of the University of the Arts Bremen for his work “Mimikry” in 2016. He also was nominated for the ArtePrize 2017 at the Delfina Foundation in London.

Starting in 2016 international collaborations find an important space in his work. He got support from DAAD in Vietnam, the Goethe Institut and Institute Français in Ramallah, PSE and the Kaunas Artist House in Lithuania in a variety of projects.

Solo Exhibitions
  • Awardee exhibition of GWK advancement award / Kloster Bentlage, Rheine
  • Irrmitation / tanzfaktur, Köln, DE
  • Misunderstandings / workroomfour, Hanoi, VN
Selected Group Exhibitions
  • ArtePrize 2018 / Delfina Foundation, London, ENG
  • Abwesenheit / Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen, DE
  • Exzess / Galerie K‘, Bremen, DE
  • European Media Arts Festival (EMAF) / Osnabrück, DE
  • FrühjahrsSalon / Hawerkamp31, Münster, DE
  • قيرطلا ع . AUF DEM WEG. EN CHEMIN / Ramallah, PSE
  • 88. Herbstausstellung / Kunstverein Hannover, DE
  • Behind Closed Doors / Kaunas Artist House, Kaunas, LT
  • Offspaces / Nhà Sàn Collective, Hanoi, VN
  • Flatlands / GAK, Bremen, DE
  • Zeitfenster / Altes Bankgebäude, Bremen, DE
  • Klasse! / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
Awards & Nominations
  • Bremer Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst
  • Preis des Kunstvereins Hannover / Villa Minimo Stipendium 2019
  • GWK Förderpreis Kunst 2018
  • Nominated for ArtePrize 2017/18 at Delfina Foundation in London, GB
  • 1. Preis der Freien Kunst an der HfK Bremen für die Arbeit Mimikry
  • Juror des 25. Videokunstpreises, Filmbüro Bremen
Selected Film Screenings
  • Frühjahrssalon / Hawerkamp31, Münster, DE
  • Made in Vietnam / Cinema am Ostertor Bremen, DE
  • Camera Ignota / Schwankhalle Bremen, DE
  • Docfest / Goethe Institut Hanoi, VN
  • Enlight my Space / Kunsthalle Bremen, DE
  • Void / Ramallah, PSE
  • Elektraktion / Holzwerk, Bremen, DE
  • A Group of People / IN:ACT Festival, Hanoi, VN
  • Selfie / University of Fine Arts, Hanoi, VN
  • Per Zerbst / GAK, Bremen, DE
  • Love is a Muscle / Theater Bremen, DE
  • Wisdom Tease / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
  • Wisdom Tease / Art Docks, Bremen, DE
  • Antenndenzen / Schwankhalle, Bremen, DE
  • Where is the Light? / HfK Bremen, DE
  • Warten auf den Regen / Various Plays in DE
  • In Verso / Galerie Flut, Bremen, DE
Featured in Theater Pieces
  • Life is Pain / Hildesheim, DE (by pure comedy)
  • счастье / Laimė \ Glück / Kaunas, LT (von bodytalk & AURA)
  • Facebook-AGB – The Musical / Bremen, DE
  • Still Out There / by Kainkollektiv, Bremen, DE (von kainkollektiv)
  • AtomHeartMother / Leipzig, DE (von bodytalk)
  • America’s Next President / Miami, FL (von Octavio Campos)
  • Tanzsylvanien / Berlin, DE (von Sylvana Seddig)
  • Liliom / Bremen DE
  • Angulus Durus / Bremen, DE
  • Broadcasting Eriwan / Bremen, DE
  • Ossimisten Wessimisten / Torgau, DE (von bodytalk)
  • Ich bin ein Antifant, Madame / Bremen, DE (von bodytalk)