Rewinding Staircase

By Saturday June 29th, 2019Frei


Raumspezifische Installation, 2016

A jackhammer is leaning to a wall of the gallery. It’s chisel is sticking inside of a crack in the floor that runs to the opposite wall. In irregular intervals and with seemingly random intensity the jackhammer starts working on the floor.



The crack with it’s surrounding sporadic levies, is reminiscent of an open wound that is tearing up the floor.

Because of it’s mass and it’s unreadable behavior the jackhammer becomes authoritarian to the crack. It suggests the possibility to enlarge it, which interferes a speculative perception of the room in the viewer.




The calculations of Nora Olearius, that can be found on the wall nearby, show the lifespan of the chisel, when it is used consistently (23.28 years).





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